ELITE EXPERIENCE Series with Chris Vinson

Today we have Ernie Graham as our 1st guest on the ELITE EXPERIENCE Series. He teaches us about the amazing world of Homebot and their extreme retention capabilities.


Major takeaways:

πŸ‘‰ Lenders: Do you want a record YEAR or a record CAREER?

πŸ‘‰ If you’re interested in RETENTION you need Homebot.

πŸ‘‰ Homebot helps keep clients β€œLIT UP” as a referral source, years after their personal transaction


Meet Ernie:

πŸ“ Ernie Graham is a life-long technology entrepreneur that has been a leader at multiple startups and public companies. He took a year off from the technology world in 2001 which turned into a 10-year real estate career. He’s been a top producing agent, a brokerage owner, and MLS director. In 2011, his startup SocialBios was acquired by Realtor.com (Nasdaq: MOVE) where he led their consumer innovation lab to build the largest agent search experience on the web and is now used by 800,000+ agents in the US.

In 2015, he co-founded Homebot to revolutionize the way Loan Officers and Real Estate Agents grow their business by empowering consumers to build wealth with the largest asset they will ever own, their home. With millions of homeowners already on the platform, and monthly averages of 75%+ open rates, Homebot is quickly dominating in the lender marketing and client for life space.


Meet Chris:

πŸ“ Chris Vinson is the mastermind behind the mortgage department at Plains Commerce Bank. Where did his drive and passion come from? His humble beginning started as a mortgage broker in 2001 and quickly became an EVP of the mortgage department that has over 24% market share and is voted Sioux Falls Local Best Mortgage Company for SEVEN YEARS running. With nearly two decades of experience in all things mortgage, Chris has developed a team that produces over 750 million and they pride themselves on an amazing customer experience and state of the art technology.

Chris’s real passion is coaching. He coaches loan officers and their staff or CEO’s throughout the US by helping them grow personally and professionally. A natural born leader, he pours his heart into making sure his team, his clients, and other community banks have the tools they need to succeed.Β 


You can watch the replay of ELITE EXPERIENCE Series with Ernie Graham right here!



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